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Jeanne Lottie is now in Huaian China!

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Store opening on October 3rd, 2015 in Huaian!

Why Huaian?…destiny…like when Jeanne met the 1st handbag factory 30 years ago then met the distributor this year in June.

True Happiness is … 



  China Opening 2China Opening 3China Opening 4 China Opening 5JL STORE China


China OpeningJL Store China 3

Generous award from a great charity

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

We’ve posted before about the work that the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness does for the community in Toronto. In addition to raising awareness, the CCAA has a number of great programs to help survivors of abuse get back on their feet. Ellen Campbell, founder of the organization, came by to present an award of contribution to our designer Jane Ip in recognition of the support that she has given the CCAA.

On top of being a beautiful person who contributes her energies to a cause that’s benefits the community immensely, Ellen is also extremely stylish! We admire her for her big heart, as well as great sense of style. For many of us who have become used to thinking of fashion as accessory, it’s heartening to be reminded being put together and looking good more than just frivolity. It’s a sign of self-respect, and empowerment.

Here’s a link to CCAA website:

Chatelaine takes its pick of our new Retro Lux collection

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

This red frame bag is part of our vintage-inspired Fall Collection called Retro Lux. While we were designing this collection, we had in mind luxurious furs, and sparkling details, rich trim…all of which would not seem out of place at an event where you’re seeking to make a statement.

To see Chatelaine style it as part of a beautifully demure every-day look is such a wonderful surprise! We love the creative way in which the stylist has appropriated the bold elements of the used this bright red bag and  leopard-patterned loafers (hard combo to pull off on anyday!) to pull together a look that’s so elegant in its simplicity, and very of-the-moment.

We love how a little creativity shows a whole new side to an accessory we thought we knew.

JL Charity Spotlight: Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Some of you may know Jeanne Lottie as a supporter of causes like Breast Cancer through out past Pink Bedroom Party events, but we are also strong  supporters of other causes and charities that we hold dear.

A recent article  by Teresa Kruze that appears in the monthly newsletter for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness highlights one issue that’s dear to our designer Jane Ip’s heart. The CCAA has been helping survivors of sexual abuse both men and women, children and adults since it’s foundation in 1993. You may have seen its recent print campaign in Toronto’s subways with the tagline “Abuse Hurts.”

Jane tells Teresa Kruze about seeing the impact of her donations in kind (shoes, and bags) on women who are in need of a new wardrobe to support the new lives they are forging for themselves as survivors of abuse. We greatly admire the strength of these women who have the courage to speak up about an issue that often gets swept under the carpet because it’s so taboo.

Along with Jane’s interview, the March issue of Abuse Hurts features a touching personal story from a young survivor. It’s a peek inside a world that’s normally very private, and personal with good reason. Aside from putting a face to the cause, the CCAA does much of its work by supporting shelters and agencies across the country that house victims of abuse. And though the organization’s reach is nation-wide, its funding comes solely from the generosity of private donors, both individual and corporate. They regularly hold auctions and sales through their website as fundraisers. Jeanne Lottie is proud to support the CCAA and the work that it does.

To find out more about the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, go to their website, or have a glance at their March Newsletter, where you can also read about Jeanne Lottie’s contribution to the cause.

Still the Lovely and Jeanne Lottie on… the perfect woman

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Don’t know StillTheLovely? It’s a beautifully curated website about vintage-inspired fashion and lifestyle. While they often look to the past for inspiration, StillTheLovely infuses a touch of class — in a classic way — into modern. If you’re ever wondering how to mix modern with pieces from the past, this website has loads of great tips, and tons of photos for inspiration.

In their recent interview with our designer, Jane Ip, they asked questions about her inspirations, the upcoming collection, and her idea of… the perfect woman. Read more here!

We’re on the subway! Metro features Jane Ip

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Jeanne Lottie’s been on the subway in Toronto before. Most of the time we’re in the hands of our trendy shoppers. But to be in the pages of our favourite underground commuter news-source? That’s exciting!  Metro featured our very own Jane Ip, designer of Jeanne Lottie in a brief article about her journey as entrepreneur and designer. Click here for full article on the metronews website.

Birkins are the new Black.

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Oh Victoria! You put all of us bag-lovers to shame. We were jealous when you went on tour as a Spice Girl. We were jealous when you married David Beckham. And we’re still green with envy because you’ve taken what most of us call a secret vice — collecting purses — and turned it into an art.

Missed the coverage of Victoria’s $2.5 million collection of Hermes Birkin bags? We doff our hats to this true bag lady whose collection comprises over 100 purses in this style.

Also, let us not forget who the original Birkin bag was named and created for: that loveliest of muses, Jane Birkin, herself. Whether she’s on a movie set, singing a song, or hanging out with one of her lovely daughters, Jane always looks like she’s got the glow of true happiness. Now, a smile like that is clearly worth about $2.5 million, no?

In tribute to both these amazing women, Jeanne Lottie has created its own homage to the iconic Hermes offering. We love our Hermes-inspired bag in orange. And so does LouLou Magazine. If you like what you see, you can check out LouLou’s online shopping guide or go to our Facebook Page for more photos.

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