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LouLou helps us channel our inner flapper

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


It’s hard to conjure an era that so consistently brings to mind only elegance and class. The sixties? Bell bottoms, tie-dye, platforms. That says hangin’ in the park. The nineties? Power suits, minimalism, angular shoulders. That screams OFFICE. But the twenties? That’s about the only decade which when we call it to mind makes us think: drinks! feathers! smokey underground speak-easies! And yes… jazz. Not a lot of people are around to tell us ¬†about it anymore, but were the twenties the decade long decadent party that we imagine it to be? I hope so…we could use a little more lightness in our lives.

LouLou helps us bring a little of that devil-may-care spirit to our holiday season this year.

Featured: our crystal/feather clutch called Sylvie. Also available in black.



The Holiday Clutch

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

This season’s Holiday Clutch is a no-holding-back, no-understatement-allowed, over-the-top-glamorous Swarovski crystal encrusted gem of an evening bag. We’re proud to present Lola, from the Fall/Winter collection of 2012. She’s a special one who knows that sometimes… more is more.

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