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Still the Lovely and Jeanne Lottie on… the perfect woman

Don’t know StillTheLovely? It’s a beautifully curated website about vintage-inspired fashion and lifestyle. While they often look to the past for inspiration, StillTheLovely infuses a touch of class — in a classic way — into modern. If you’re ever wondering how to mix modern with pieces from the past, this website has loads of great tips, and tons of photos for inspiration.

In their recent interview with our designer, Jane Ip, they asked questions about her inspirations, the upcoming collection, and her idea of… the perfect woman. Read more here!

2 Responses to “Still the Lovely and Jeanne Lottie on… the perfect woman”

  1. love4nailart says:

    This is super duper CUTE! Love it

  2. giovanna says:


    I just wanted to say 5hat I just purchased a natural straw tote from Jeanne Lottie from a boutique called, “DIVINE” at Complexe Desjardins in downtown Montreal and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    It is the first time I have heard of this designer and I just think its the perfect purse. I will use it as an evening bag for an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary.

    Kind Regards,

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