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Jane meets…Mariel Hemingway

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Toronto Film Festival brings lots of big names to the city, and every year I meet someone really amazing. This year, TIFF brought Mariel Hemingway to Toronto, where I met her at the Jeanne Lottie Pink House in Yorkville. I was so honoured to meet the actress who’s a beautiful woman on the inside and out. Calm, spiritual, funny and with a smile so genuine even Baby Doll, my dog, can tell she is caring and real! (more…)

What If…

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

What if you have only one minute to decide on a purchase? There’s a mechanism that takes over…you know the one. Is it impulse? Is it desire? Perhaps it’s therapy. Or is it the need for instant gratification… like the kind  a bowl of ramen brings?

My design process is like that. The idea takes a minute or less and comes like bolt of lightening to the mind. Simple as that!

Perhaps, when you purchase a Jeanne Lottie bag that’s the connection. In a flash, it’s easy to recognize good ideas and inspiration.

Because in the back of your mind … you just know.



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