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Behind the Scenes: A Bag is Born

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

For those who have always been curious about what happens behind the scenes in the back rooms of a design house, we’ve put together a brief sketch of what goes on behind the scenes at Jeanne Lottie. In this blog, we’ll take a peek at how a bag goes from hazy idea to arm candy that you can wear out on the town.

Part 1: The Idea

Every Jeanne Lottie bag begins with an idea of a certain type of energy we want to bring to life. Sketch after sketch, the concept of the bag is refined until we come up with the right shape, colour, and details to reflect the mood we’re after. Once the sketch is finalized, we then move to the sample room where we choose materials and accessories to complement the bag. We send away for prototype bags to be made based on these choices.

Part 2: Selection

Once the samples come back from our manufacturers according to our specifications and sketches, it then goes through rigorous selection by a number of people important to our creation process. The prototype bags are lined up and judged like contestants in a beauty pageant. How will this bag make you feel? Does the side pocket fit a Blackberry? Did the colour turn out as we expected? We go back to the drawing board and make adjustments until the bag is the ideal combination of inspiration and practicality.

Part 3: The Final Step

Production is the final stage in the transformation from sketch to purse. Our manufacturers turn our specifications into a physical reality. Each bag on the production line is minutely inspected for quality control and carefully packaged before it begins its long journey. Once the bags arrive at our warehouses (home of many beautiful bags!), they are picked and packed for distribution to the stores in time for the new season.

From start to finish, it’s a long, careful process that begins with inspiration, which is whittled down to the best version of itself, and finally is made into reality. Et voila! A Jeanne Lottie bag is born!

We put special care into every bag that we make. We hope you love our bags as much as we do. Exclusively designed with the philosophy of true happiness from my thoughts…to your hands.



Recession-proof your Wardrobe

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Jeanne Lottie is proud to be a Pink Bag Lady!  There’s hardly anybody who hasn’t been affected by the financial woes of the world. We understand customers are not going to settle for less these days, but just want to shop smart. With fun and value in mind, Jeanne Lottie has opened an online outlet store!

At PinkBagLady you’ll find 50%-80% off all regular merchandise. We are featuring our leather-lined Vertical City Tote in both grey and pink, which normally retails for $120, for only $39.99.

This front-lock tote is an everyday bag that will take you from summer to fall.  It comes with a detachable inner pouch and a decorative front-lock pocket. Canada-wide shipping is only $5.

Also, become a Facebook fan and get a chance to win this blue man key ring! This blue man is part of our Purse-onality key ring collection, and is our hottest seller at the Duty Free Shop across Canada and the U.S.!  The winner will be announced on June 30, 2010.  Spread the word!


the Jeanne Lottie Team

We’re in LouLou again!

Friday, June 4th, 2010

LouLou Magazine has featured another 3 JL bags in their Summer 2010 issue.

Jeanne Lottie bags are HOT! HOT! HOT!

Check out the larger photos below.

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