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Jeanne Lottie pays tribute to Haydain Neale

Jeanne Lottie pays tribute to Haydain…

Loving, kind and talented Haydain Neale (Jacksoul) performed at the Pink Bedroom Party in
2004 and 2005 and promoted a lip imprint Campaign with his mom to help Kiss
Cancer Goodbye.

His music and spirits inspire us all forever.

I am visiting my Mom on Monday night and will give her my biggest hug…and I hope I
will meet Mrs. Haydain again, and do the same.

At 39 years of age, Juno Award winning artist Haydain Neale of Jacksoul
passed away last week….my thoughts are with his family.

5 Responses to “Jeanne Lottie pays tribute to Haydain Neale”

  1. Geneva Neale says:

    Heh Jeanne Lottie.

    Here I am Geneva Neale that same beautiful energetic person. Your wishes have become expressions of truth.

    These LIPS are still the same. However. I now use them to pray that Haydain is still making music where ‘ever’ God has designated him to be.

    In 2007 I became an Awarded, Featured and Preferred Poet at the Reverie Hotel, in Las Vegas at a Poetry Conference. To Haydain’s amusement he laughed his head off.

    I would like to perform my Repertoire of Poems for the CANCER FUN RAISING Cause IN 2011. (NB. Book me I would be paid).
    I am in good health, (since I came back from the doctor to make sure).

    Everyday, I look at Haydain in that Moving Photo which has become Haydain’s shrine on my living room wall.

    Here is hoping that I find where his wife has buried my son soon. I have allowed her her grieving sessions for a whole year.

    A Plaque is being done to be placed at the Lot I purchased by his second anniversary on November 22, 2011.

    Hamilton communities got together in 2009 December for a Public Memorial service and celebration of Haydain’s life as a Hamilton person.
    Surprise to leave a message for Haydain W. Neale.

    “HELP KISS CANCER GOODBYE.” 2005 I AM Filled with the same enthusiasm, as HAYDAIN AND I had with our Photo Sessions. Peace and Understanding Always.

  2. Candis says:

    hi, I love reading your website. You site looks great!

  3. Jeanne Lottie says:

    thank you !!!

  4. Geneva Neale says:

    Haydain’s Memorial Stone is ready and would be placed at a site I purchase in 2005. Haydain laughed so loud. Why he asked. Go on a vacation momsy he said, I will take care of that.
    THE PASSION & THE POETRY Volume One Website sports an upgraded Time Line in June 2012. Take a stroll. Soon to be in book stores by the my book publisher 2012.

    Indeed always Mrs. Geneva Neale the mother of Haydain Neale’s who shared the photo shoot in the famous “KISS CANCER GOODBYE campaign.
    I feel honoured that you read my Award Poems. Can I put this comment in my book too.

    Volume Two is being edited 100 new poems posted on written between 2008 -2012. check them out. Smiles. Geneva M. Neale (Audain)July 4, 2012

  5. Geneva Neale says:

    Please remember to visit Either leave a recorded message or a Guest written message on the Everlasting Memories site. I will put that famous photo on his site as soon. NB All your Fashion Coverages are fantastic too. Momsy Geneva.

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