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Met By Chance… Connected By Destiny!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

The Inside Scoop on our connections with our wonderful sponsors and you!

Spanner: Judi Barr, a wonderful PR friend of the Pink, introduced Spanner as our corporate sponsor.

Clarins: My spa in Yorkville, set up a beautiful make-up touch-up booth at the event!

Cadillac Fairview: Our supporter since Day One! They’re always helping out behind the scenes and they certainly know the properties that they are developing 🙂

Globe and Mail: Great supporter of Princess Margaret Hospital. We had four beautiful ads in their paper.

CFRB 1010: Bill Carroll met his wife Sylvie at the Pink Bedroom Party 2002 and they now have a beautiful family of four!

Walton Capital: Great land banking company, I added them to my investment portfolio recently!

Manulife: My insurance company that covers the Jeanne Lottie team’s medical/dental insurance!

Utb Untouchable: Met Julia, the young and beautiful owner of an up-and-coming online lingerie company through the introduction of Jacqueline at Solomag! She produced an amazing Lingerie and Handbag show and rocked the whole event!

Mortgage Matchmaker: Monty Sands, an enthusiastic, handsome young entrepreneur, “match-making” the mortgage of my Pink House where the Pink Bedroom Party was originated.

Cambria: Linda Leatherdale, my friend, joined Cambria and introduced the Cambria Team and supermodel Cheryl Tiegs to us … I was with her at their ‘Hats On” event! She is a great supporter of the Pink, and did an endorsement video for the party. She also gave us the best quote about True Happiness: “Being Kind Without Fail!”

IWD Canada: Our website sponsor for 3 years … also, hosting Jeanne Lottie website since Day One.  Brian, the owner, is only 25!

Solomag: Jacqueline, the publisher, wrote about me in their premier issue, and connected me with great people like herself!

LiveArt: Julia’s contact, helped out with the make-up and body painting for our Fashion show

Spellbound: Julia’s contact again! The Hairstylists for our models on the night of the event.

OBN: Friend of Julia, great outdoor broadcasting company. Watch for “Pink clips” on the streets of Toronto!

Etherington: Host of pre-Pink Bedroom Party.  Paul, one of the Etheringtons, raised more than $1,500 for Princess Margaret during his birthday-bash.

Lou Lou: We supported their 5th anniversary

David Rocco: Paula, the sweet hair stylist from Salon Daniel in Yorkville, showed me David’s marvelous cookbook … I then saw David and his twins on the cover of Today’s Parent … Afterwhich, I had the pleasure of meeting David and his beautiful wife at the Pink House … Connected!  Etalk featured his Dolce Vita show, and his cookbook + recipe for the Pink hors d’oeuvres!

Bertozzi: Italian fine food importers. A family business started by the father 45 years ago. Through the introduction of Barbara from Inside Shopping, Maria, the owners’ daughter, purveyed the food of the night!

La Reserve Restaurant: Generous Chef Mario catered the best food and he has also donated a dinner for 10 with Miss Universe Canada, Marina Valente, and raised $1,100 during the Live Auction!

Blink Magazine: Editor-in-Chief: Lisa Marie hosted a pre-Pink Bedroom Party on her Birthday!

WOW — There are just so many people with whom we are connected! So many to thank!

Andy Lee and AL Vision: Created our beautiful party ad; Let’s spend the night together!

Marlo Znidarec and Linda Della Rocca: Managed our event for the night. They have been with us for many years! They coordinated our volunteers and helped us to make the 6th Pink happen!

Sound and lighting by Jamie of Mint Agency, Decor by Don Collins of Pygmalion, Greetings by Geisha Girls (all dolled up by their make up and hair artists) and flute artist Laura Lashman.

Deb Lewis of City Events, Danielle Iverson, Elaine Tennyson, Fashion Weekly, Fashion Insider, Prospere, TChad, Woman’s Post, National Post and Biz Bash all helped promote the event.

Irene Carolle brought Jason Cooke, straight from the set of General Hospital  in LA, and like John White, has a heart of Gold!

All media and press friends, especially Enza Anderson of Metro News and Kevin Pennant have supported the Pink since Day 1!

The whole team of Salon Daniel, who did my hair and makeup and Thien Li, who designed and delivered my dress for the night, worked together and donated their services as a package, in the live auction!

Thank you also to all silent auction sponsors including celebrity writer Shinan Govani, who, with short notice, agreed  to have dinner with our winning bidder!

Finally, all ticket holders who came to support us!

Thank you!

Met By Chance… Connected By Destiny!


Jeanne Lottie

Beautiful Mama! Beautiful Baby! Beautiful Bag!

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Jazz Artist, Amanda Martinez recently dropped by the Pink House boutique and brought a little surprise: Her gorgeous baby son!

beautiful Mom and Baby 001

beautiful Mom and Baby 002

We chatted about Amanda’s upcoming shows, the success of the Pink Bedroom Party, my fall 2009 line of handbags and enjoyed the gleeful giggles of her beautifully-bouncy boy! I just can’t think of a more brilliant way to have spent an otherwise rainy and gray afternoon!

Anyway … Their visit made me realized that the modern mother has evolved beyond the typical stereotypes of yesteryear. Step aside June Cleaver, Carol Brady and Elyse Keaton, and welcome the emergence of the real-life Supermom! Contemporary Mamas like Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner balance successful careers, philanthropic obligations and a busy family life, all the while looking fabulously fashion forward!  I don’t know about you, but I’m totally loving this whole modern mommy thing!

Casual Cross Body Unisex bag

One might ask herself, what do all urban Supermoms have in common? Well … They’re always the go, go GO!  That’s where my Casual Cross Body Unisex Bag comes to the rescue! It’s the ideal accessory for every Super-Mamasita. Perfectly convenient for diapers, wipes and designer bottom lotions, its super stylish cross body design lets marvellous mommies keep their arms ever-wrapped around their babies! Plus, it’s made from a durable and entirely wipe-able leather-like material, able to handle the real-life use of real-life moms!

The moral of this post is that women no longer have to sacrifice their fashion-sense for motherhood! Say NO to MOM-JEANS and hold-on to your fabulous super-stylie self!  These days it’s all about beautiful mamas, beautiful babies, and beautiful bags!


Jeanne Lottie

Spice Up your Playlist with Amanda Martinez’s AMOR

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Pink Bedroom Party guest and renowned Jazz Artist Amanda Martinez is on the move! She’s launching her new CD Amor, with shows in London, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa this month!

Ladies and gentlemen, Señoras y señores, my ipod playlist just got saucier! If you ask me, nothing spices up a chilly fall evening better than some sultry Latin jazz! It’s the perfect soundtrack for a fabulous evening under the bright lights of the big city, and romantic enough to be the ideal score for any quiet evening at home for “dos” – wink, wink!

Make sure to visit Amanda’s website to hear Amor the title track from her new CD.


If you love her music and know of anyone in these cities who would enjoy seeing Amanda perform live, please help us spread the word about her upcoming concerts!

Thursday October 22nd, 8pm Aeolian Hall, London

Friday October 23rd, 8pm Koerner Hall, Toronto

Saturday October 24th 8pm L’Astral, (* Brand new venue!) Montreal

Wednesday October 28th, 8pm National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage, Ottawa

I hope we’ll see you at the Toronto show, because “True Happiness is … Sharing the music you love with the world.”

Now, please excuse me because I’m suddenly inspired to throw on some red lipstick and practice my salsa moves!

Adiós amigos!


Jeanne Lottie

Star Snapshot at Pink Bedroom Party 2009!

Friday, October 9th, 2009

What could be more chic than happy, beautiful people supporting worthy causes? Happy, beautiful, CELEBRITIES, supporting worthy causes, of course! 😉

The stars mixed with local glitterati at this year’s Pink Bedroom Party! Who was there, you ask? Check out our photo diary from the evening, to see if we snapped a pic of your favourite celeb. You never know, maybe we even caught a candid shot of you?

P!NK Sighting

Jazz Artist, Amanda Martinez; ABC General Hospital’s, Jason Cooke; Jeanne Lottie’s, Jane Ip

P!NK Sighting

ABC General Hospital’s, Jason Cooke

Marcello Cabezas thinks pink!

Marcello Cabezas thinks pink!

Hip Hop Artist, Choclair

Hip Hop Artist, Choclair

Jane Ip, with Spanner International team members & singer Amy Sky

Jane Ip, with Spanner International team members & singer Amy Sky

Jane Ip and Kevin Pennant of Pennant Media Group

Jane Ip and Kevin Pennant of Pennant Media Group

Jane Ip and Jody Daye, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Jane Ip and Jody Daye, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Jand Ip and Carmen Correia, President of Chef Network Inc.

Jand Ip and Carmen Correia, President of Chef Network Inc.

Need further PINK photo satisfaction? Check out more fabulous party pics in Metro News, Women’s Post and in Biz Bash!



Jeanne Lottie

Chef David Rocco shared his cooking secrets on eTalk Daily to Support Pink Bedroom Party 2009

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Ladies, do we have a treat for you! If you happened to have missed Dolce Vita’s Chef David Rocco on eTalk last week, fret not, because we have the clip that’s sure to make your day … and maybe even your next meal!


David takes a break from his regular routine of jetsetting around Italy, and stops to chat with Traci Melchor about this year’s Dolce Vita-inspired, Pink Bedroom Party hors d’oeuvre menu. He even shares one of the evening’s delightful delicacies with eTalk viewers.

Watch it now to get the recipe!

Can you say “deeeee-lish!” I totally think finger food is tres-chic! I’m most definitely trying this dish at home the next time I throw a fabulous little soirée.

One thing’s for sure, when people are passionate about what they do, any dish or any party is sure to be a big hit!


Jeanne Lottie

Connections, Community and … True love is … True Happiness …

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The state of the economy made it quite a challenge to host another Pink Bedroom Party this year. Luckily, I simply adore a good challenge – it makes things far more interesting and rewarding, don’t you think?

Pink Bedroom Party 2009 was like a reunion of old friends, spiced up with fresh new blood! No economic doom and gloom here friends, only 600+ gloriously beautiful people, adoring positivity pink couture, generously giving to support our wonderful causes!!!! It’s all about spreading the L-O-V-E …

The night began with a speech by CFRB’s Bill Carroll, the MC for the evening. He jovially recounted how seven years ago, he met his wife, Sylvie, at the Pink Bedroom Party. Now, they are a picture-perfect family of four. How FABULOUS … I mean, can you imagine? Love connections AND giving to great causes. What could be better?


I wonder if Cupid’s bow struck again this year? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Overall, I’d say this year’s event was a great success! Passionate people came together to give to worthy causes, at a party fused with positive energy! This year, we raised far more than money – we raised awareness, and created a community that supports SickKids and Princess Margaret hospital! Together, we made a difference!

So, the moral of the story is to NEVER give up in the face a challenge! Emails are still pouring in daily expressing how much everyone loved the event and how they’re really looking forward to Pink 2010! I always say that fabulousness rubs-off and this year, the proof is in the PARTY! AND, what’s the icing on the cake? We just had Chum FM radio confirm, they would love to sponsor Pink next year!!!

What goes around comes around. Oh YES, it’s definitely all about spreading the Love, creating connections, building communities that care … And never forgetting that True Love is … True Happiness!

Jeanne Lottie

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