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Satin Bag in September 2009 issue of FLARE

Friday, August 28th, 2009

My Satin Bag is featured in the September issue of FLARE! Be sure to look for it when you flip through your copy!

Flare post

Flare Cover


Jeanne Lottie

Mother, may I … look great and make a difference, too!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Though I haven’t given birth, I am most definitely a mother, and Baby Doll is absolutely my fierce and fluffy bundle of joy!Baby Doll painting

She loves to play, barks when she wants attention, squirms and wiggles when she’s happy, and has a wardrobe that would put Suri Cruise to shame! Move over Tinkerbell and Paris, here comes Baby Doll and Moi!

But while Baby Doll dreams of endless doggy-treats, Swarovski crystal collars and catching squirrels, the children at SickKids hospital dream of a future filled with endless rainbows and infinite possibilities.

On June 09, 2009 the team at Jeanne Lottie joined forces with the fabulously talented kids at the Bear Theatre on Sickkids’ 8th floor. Together we created my SickKids tote — hand-painted with the hopes and dreams of some of the hospital’s littlest artists.

SickKids tote 3in1

Made from durable and super-stylish denim, the SickKids tote is the perfect carry-all for any trendy-gal-about-town.  That’s right ladies; yummy mummies and first-class fashionistas are joining forces for a greater good!  So, embrace your inner philanthropist, because this bag can really make a difference!

Available for sale on October 9th to raise money for kids with cancer, the SickKids Tote will be offered through my online store and in retail locations across Canada.

Okay … so maybe Baby Doll will never be a great painter, but she totally approves of a bag that can easily carry a month’s worth of kibble – and spread a whole lotta LOVE too!


Jeanne Lottie

SickKids Tote – Press Release August 16, 2009 Toronto

Monday, August 17th, 2009


Press Release August 16, 2009 Toronto

The tote, imagined by SickKids, has become a reality, in a creative collaboration with Jeanne Lottie.

Now we want to help make a future without cancer a reality, too. The tote was created using hand-painted images of rainbows, flowers and love, in June 2009.

On August 18, 2009 from 11 am – 12 pm at the Bear Theatre, there will be another tote painting day and the unveiling of this, the first SickKids tote, created by talented Kids and Jeanne Lottie.

In October, the SickKids denim tote will be available in stores across the country. Priced at only $15, a minimum of $1.00 from each sale will be donated to the SickKids Foundation.

The SickKids tote is a limited edition and perfectly reusable bag for toting around in the city.

The tote can also be purchased from the Jeanne Lottie website store, as well as during the Pink Bedroom Party 09 on Oct 1 at the Berkeley Church. Jeanne Lottie will donate $5 from each bag sold online and at the event to support SickKids.

For more information,please contact:

or call 416 968 2299 ext 29


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A Picture is Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Friday, August 14th, 2009

You see Manho. And then you don’t see Manho …  No, he’s not hiding, he’s just quiet …

Manho postcard

Manho has been with the Jeanne Lottie team for 24 years. He’s hard-working, smart, humble – and he doesn’t look a day older than when I first hired him. How fabulous, I mean, can you imagine?!? Anyway, though he’s not a chatty fellow, Manho always seems to get his message out there and in doing so, imparts glorious bits of insight and inspiration to us all!

He once sent me a scenic postcard while vacationing in Vietnam. The card contained no details about his trip; instead, it said very simply, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.”  Upon reading it, I recall thinking:

“Hoooow true!”

I firmly believe that our everyday fashion choices inadvertently create our own Personal Style Postcard… And, what we want that Postcard to SAY is entirely up to us!

When I want to proclaim, “Boy, I’m feeling great (and super cute) today,” I always wear a fun and colourful sundress. When I want to declare, “Today, I’m sultry and mysterious,” I love to do a trim black pantsuit, with sky-high heels and dark sunshades.  And, when I’m not so sure what I want to say, I let one of my Lottie Da Vintage Newsprint bags DO ALL THE TALKING!

Vintage print bags

The Lottie Da Vintage Newsprint bags come in a sleek and stylish clutch, as well as a larger cut-out tote. Day or night, these bags can go everywhere that you need to take them! They’re neutral enough to work with essentially any ensemble and feature a whimsical vintage newsprint pattern that pops and bursts with colour and graphic images. One thing’s for sure, these bags can certainly SAY IT ALL – I know that Manho would approve!

Want to share your Personal Style Postcard with the Jeanne Lottie team? Send us a photo of yourself in your chicest attire and sporting your fave Jeanne Lottie bag.  You could be featured as the subject of a blog post or included in an online album with some of our most style-forward customers!


Content by Jeanne Lottie. Edited and Elaborated by Dg.

True Happiness from the Neighbourhood

Monday, August 10th, 2009

True Happiness is … Something that Comes from Within You

I thought it a novel idea to probe some of the marvellous individuals that I interact with on a daily basis about what True Happiness means to them. This is the first post of what I hope will be an enjoyable and amusing series, which I’ve affectionately titled: True Happiness from the Neighbourhood. Enjoy!

Who: The ever-so-lovely Nancy Brown, our famous Parking Enforcement Officer.

Where: Street side in Yorkville, Toronto, Canada.

True Happiness … “Comes [From] Within Yourself.”

Nancy Brown Note

I must say, that this is absolutely and without question, the most wonderful piece of paper that I have ever received from a parking enforcement officer! LOL.

Actually, our local officer, Nancy Brown, really is quite lovely. She keeps our streets safe and free from parking violators, all while maintaining a superbly sunny disposition. This must largely be because she recognizes that, “True Happiness Comes from Within,” and I just couldn’t agree more!

Ever notice that the happiest people are those who exude a kind of inner joy? I believe this comes from a true and pure acceptance of who we are, as well as from our faith in knowing that we do indeed have a place in the world. Whether you happen to be a high-powered executive or a housewife, married or divorced, short or tall, we must remember that these are not the things that define us. We are all Fabulous, Unique, Creative, Beautiful, Wise, Fierce, Intuitive and Worthwhile Beings…

Whether we design handbags, or hand out parking tickets, we are a reflection of our inner light, and we are obligated to share our SPARKLE with the world! So, let that light shine by giving back to the community and supporting the causes that can make a difference … This year the Pink Bedroom Party continues to support The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute at The Princess Margaret Hospital (the recipient for the last 3 years). The event also supports SickKids Foundation for children with cancer. The goal this year is to raise $100,000.  Come to the party , SPARKLE and SHINE and maybe find out for yourself what True Happiness is.  –  XOXO!

Content by Jeanne Lottie. Edited and Elaborated by Dg

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