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Make ‘Em Howl Using Your Animal Magnetism!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Baby Doll doesn’t like to look at herself in the mirror.
I guess she doesn’t want to admit that she’s just a dog.

Baby Doll in the mirror

“Not possible”, you say?

Well, she sleeps in the same bed as Mommy, walks absolutely everywhere with me, chats with everyone that I talk to, and, of course, has her own fabulous wardrobe of fun and ferocious attire!  After all, if Mommy is a style forward Fashionista, then it’s only reasonable to assume that Baby Doll and I are indeed, “like mother, like daughter”, in every way, right??? 😉   Besides, it would be ever so hard to convince her of her own K-9ificence when yours truly happens to have been born in the year of the Dog!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, any way you look at it, Baby Doll and I certainly are Not Just Mere Chiens!

If you’re looking to UNLEASH some of your own animal magnetism, then try LEASHING your handbag, with my super fierce Bracelet Clutch. It’s a great piece that can take your power suit straight through to cocktail hour at even the most style forward of Ossington indie rock bars!

Bracelet Clutch

So when you want to Make ‘Em Howl, Rock Out with your Croc Out!

Because True Happiness is…, Being whoever you want to be and embracing your inner Chic!

Baby Doll

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Baby Doll doesn’t like to look into the mirror…I am not a dog!!!

I am like everyone else…and my name is…

Baby Doll


baby doll behind the wall

baby doll behind the wall

Jeanne Lottie Luminato, June 15th 2009

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Jeanne Lottie with models

On Sat. June 13, 2009, around 6:00 pm during Luminato, the Pink Bedroom Party Team rocked Yorkville! Hosted by Jeanne Lottie, the Founder of the Pink Bedroom Party ( led a parade of three professional Brazilian Samba dancers, musicians and models wearing Totem colourful flowing dresses, Jeanne Lottie fun bags and Havaianas flip flops, as they danced from the Pink House through the crowd on the busy streets of Yorkville to party co-host Clarins’ store, where they performed right out in front!

The group created lots of attention and cameras were everywhere capturing the exciting moments of the parade. The models and volunteers were handing out pamphlets for the Pink Bedroom Party 09, to be held on Oct 1 to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research at Princess Margaret Hospital and kids with Cancer for the Sick Kids Hospital. The theme this year is: Party to end Cancer! Everyone is invited to host/attend a party to end Cancer. All parade guests were treated to Brazilian drinks, wine, sushi and appetizers from Caju at the back yard of the Pink House on Scollard and continued to dance with joy!

And here’s more…

Solitaire Diamond Crystal Keyring

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

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